Every organisation has many writing needs. Good writing wins respect, builds relationships, and saves time, money and toner. We provide courses on single or combined areas. Common topics are:

  • Clear business English
  • Business cases
  • Cross-border writing
  • Financial information
  • Grammar and punctuation
  • Introduction to business communication (for young people/career changers).
  • Letters and emails
  • Marketing and PR
  • Medical information
  • Personnel information
  • Proofreading
  • Proposals
  • Reports
  • Web writing (language, not technical, topics)

If clients request a course not on this list, we will design one for them at no extra cost.

Our materials nearly always draw on complete, real and recent business documents. There are a few general plain English items to show broad ways to write clearly; beyond that, everything relates closely to delegates’ work. Every writing course includes some dedicated materials made from each client’s documents.

We invite all delegates to send us samples of their writing for confidential, constructive editing before their course.