Spoken presentations

Contrary to popular rumour, no-one would rather die than speak in public. However, many find the idea unnerving and may never have spoken to a group outside their friends or family.

We can help. Our spoken presentation training considers language, voice, face, posture, gestures, nerves, structure, preparation, proofreading, saying enough but not too much, timing, taking charge, listening, dealing with questions or hostility, and confidence-building.

We use our language expertise and our drama, speaking and teaching experience to create training that people enjoy and use. The courses are practical and delegates should be willing to talk to a small group. With their permission, we video their presentations – to see is to learn.

Feeling able to address a group is liberating and the benefits can touch many areas of one’s life. Learning to speak in public can reveal hidden personal and professional strengths, help end career arrest and create useful confidence.