Clear English

Good Writing Skills

GRAHAM KING HarperCollins

Very crisp and packed with ideas. Good fun too. Part of the Collins Wordpower series.

The Complete Plain Words

SIR ERNEST GOWERS Penguin Reference

Third edition by Sidney Greenbaum and Janet Whitcut. The classic Civil Service guide to clear writing. Needs application, but is well worth the effort. Serious, but not stuffy.


DON WATSON Atlantic Books

Scathing attack on business and management language. You will be loath to use strategy, implementation, facilitation, initiative, enhancement, value-added, flexibility, outcome and commitment again. Death to all mission statements.



Excellent, clear, vigorous advice about how to write clearly. It’s particularly helpful for Indian writers who need to get to grips with the different syntax of English, but native writers of English will also enjoy and benefit from it. My review of Indlish for the magazine of the legal language group Clarity (Clarity, Number 58, November 2007) is available here.