Privacy policy

In this policy, “We” refers to anyone employed by or working with Nigel Grant Training LLP. This includes freelance associates who will sign a similar agreement to this, stating they will not pass confidential information about us or our clients to any other person or organisation.

Main declaration

We often receive confidential or sensitive documents from clients or prospective clients. We take great care to keep that information secure and confidential.

We never share a client’s information with any person or organisation outside Nigel Grant Training LLP.

We never make derogatory comments about our clients to anyone.


We work from our home, which has a high level of physical security.

Sharing information

We never share with outsiders client information such as individuals’ names, editing material details, or detailed training needs. We often for marketing purposes give prospective clients the names of organisations we have worked with, and a very general idea of what we have done for them. An example might be: “We ran clear business English courses for XXX last year.”

Paper documents

Confidential files and documents are kept securely in offices on our premises, separate from our living areas. Visitors have no access to those items.

If we need to take sensitive paper documents outside our premises, we carry them in a proper briefcase, keep them by us at all times, and make sure no-one else can read names, titles or the contents.

We shred confidential paper documents using a narrow (4 mm) or cross cut shredder.


 IT repairs are made by known and trusted associates. We destroy disks from non-functioning hard drives at our premises.

When we load a client’s information to a flash drive or portable hard drive for a meeting or training course, we carry the drive on us, not in a bag or case. When we return home, we delete the client’s information from the drive within 24 hours unless another visit is due the next day.

When we load a client’s information to a laptop for a meeting or training course, we carry the laptop in a briefcase or rucksack. This bag stays within our reach at all times while we use public transport. We would never, for example, store it on a train luggage rack. If on a car journey, we take the laptop with us or lock it out of sight in the boot if we need to leave the car. We never read or work on a client’s information in any public place where other people can see it. We delete a client’s information from the laptop within 24 hours of a meeting or course unless another visit is due the next day.

If we need to store a client’s information on a CD or DVD, we give the disc to the client, or keep it safely at home, or destroy it after the contract expires, as the client prefers.

Special requirements

The above statements apply to all clients. If a client has particular security requirements, we will do our best to meet them.

Nigel Grant, partner

Gwynne Grant, partner