Nigel Grant Training is a family firm. Nigel and his wife Gwynne are the two partners, and other family members are closely involved (People). We occasionally work with associates whom we know well and trust fully.

A school dropout, Nigel gained two English degrees in 1978 and 1980, taught and examined English to A level from 1980 to 2003, wrote textbooks and put on plays. Working with pupils was a pleasure; grappling with increasingly mysterious educational bureaucracy put grey hairs among the black. In 2003, he read in a newspaper article that organisations use trainers to help them write more effectively. He thought, like Yosser Hughes in Boys from the Blackstuff, “Gizza a job. I can do that.”

The article named a plain English company whom he contacted and who offered him a job. His training career began in January 2004, running standard plain English courses for his employer. He soon knew he needed to offer a much more personal and tailored service, built around modern materials relevant to each client.

Starting a training company isn’t quick or easy. Building contacts, gaining credibility and creating strong materials and good training programmes take time. Nigel became a freelance for two other plain English firms in 2005, worked with them until 2006 while brewing his own resources, and flew solo in November 2006. Not sure about this mixed metaphor!

Feedback consistently confirmed this had been a good decision. Nigel Grant Training Ltd opened shop in July 2007, and we moved to LLP status in 2012. Our initial clear writing courses (each uses some different materials) were the start; we now offer a wide range of business communication training for writing, speaking and reading. We also edit documents, coach individuals and write copy.

Despite growth and changes, we have stuck to our original purpose: to design and lead closely tailored training in clear business communication. There are no standard courses. Each client has different needs and we do our best to meet them. That will never change.